Bar Talks Are Real

In comparison to my college years, I drink relatively little to none. Not because I don’t want to, I just simply cannot get down the way you’d expect any 20 something year old to. Admittedly, I am probably the most annoying person to take to an establishment where they sell alcoholic beverages, because if you tell me you’re buying,9 times out of 10 I’ll respond “ice water please.” For some reason alcohol is not a top contender for my energy source anymore, but that’s okay because I generally already behave like your bizarre yet enjoyable intoxicated friend. Reason being, God made me this way. In addition, I am a fanatic for the bar atmosphere and social interaction that comes from it.

Please note: Whatever age you are reading this,  I encourage you to think about yourself and where you currently or in the near future might resonate with this. It’s possible your brain might develop some interesting thoughts.

I know a lot of people from different places who come to visit the DFW area often. So my parents home is the equivalent to your local brothel house of people running in and out all the time. I like playing the hostess card since showing my friends a good time is important to me, hence reasons why I go out often. Lately my nightlife endeavors have resulted in some unusual yet endearing life encounters. Meeting new people in such an environment (bars, lounges, night clubs etc.) can either be extremely fun or incredibly exhausting. I’ve come across people who either add valuable vibes or damn near kill the vibe with their overflowing mouth or aggressive mannerisms. It varies. Each night has it’s own adventure, but lately my adventures have been following a common trend. Engaging in meaningful conversations with meaningful people in a bar setting.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not recommend going out on a mission to find your ideal soulmate at a local bar, but it’s always interesting when you come across someone who gets you thinking about things a different way or bumping into an outgoing individual who makes you lose control just for one night (or several), but life is short so why not? But my favorite kind of bar conversation is meeting up with close friends you haven’t seen for some time and catching up over some drinks, shots, or water.

Meet Adrian my biffle, aka my Mexican best friend. Here we are in college (left) and here we are in present day (right).

atxadrian      IMG_4913

It’s not often I get to see my first college buddy, but when I do things just pick up right where we left off. Which is normal for any real friendship, but this time there was more. There was so much more I forgot I was actually seeing double.

Meet Adam (left). Adrian’s sarcastic and loving twin brother.


Together they both turned a quarter of a century this month and celebrated with close friends and family at dinner then later a bar. Which is where I met up with them and became one of the several people to contribute to their medium to high levels of intoxication that night. It was quite the entertainment especially since both men are in different phases of their lives and can’t get down like they use to. But who am I to judge right?

Adam and Adrian are quite the pair. Similar yet different and most importantly, they happened to be the people I had my most recent meaningful conversation with at an establishment where they sell alcoholic beverages. To give you a synopsis, biffle (Adrian) is one of those annoying people who is in a serious relationship and together they have a 5 year plan and already they’ve made progress creating a successful track. On the other hand, there’s Adam who is also one of those annoying happy kiddos in a serious relationship who recently just welcomed a baby girl into their family. In addition to them, there was about two other annoying happy couples I was able to make an acquaintance with. Yeah I was the single kid, go figure. However, that hardly crossed my mind due to the topic of conversation that night.

Drink after drink after drink, and eventually counting the number became irrelevant because for some reason when you’re surrounded by people you love it’s natural for you to discuss things or the ones you love. So for the twins, the lovely discussion was about Adam’s new baby girl Ava. I can’t even tell you how talking about parenting at a freaking bar even began, but I can tell you watching Adam talk about his daughter with so much emotion and Adrian showing picture after picture as a proud uncle was like watching a miracle unveil before your very eyes. Eventually, Adam said something that really captured my attention: “Everything I’ve ever done in the past doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is that little girl.” Touching right? Indeed it was, because his audience was a group of emotional mid 20 year old women. More importantly, what I gathered from his specific statement was its inevitable to avoid making mistakes in life, but our past mistakes does not define our future. At least you should not allow it and that’s exactly what he is doing. 

For the first time, at a bar, I felt like I was sitting at some sort of intimate and inspirational session talking about blessings, family, friends, and change of perspectives.  It was surreal. I couldn’t help but think what do I have going on in my life equivalent to Ms. Ava? But then I reminded myself, I live a different life than the twins. I always have and always will. So acknowledging that made me realize life is happening and it’s time I start getting with it. So all I can say is bar talks are real and I’m looking forward to my next one.

More to come…


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