New Year. New Me. Still Single AF.


My name is Alice Folasade Oseni and I now go by the name of Sade. Pronounced Sh-a-day. Not Said or Say-duh. Just Sh-a-day. You might ask why would I want to go by a new name and my response to you is… well why the hell not? It is still my name just not the name you are use to calling me by. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am your standard cliché : redefining myself and goals to enhance my chances at achieving success and living a positive lifestyle. But actually though, I am.

On Friday January 29, 2016 I will be leaving all my exes in Texas where George Strait and Drake seem to have left theirs too. The new year new me bull sh*t just happens to be a complimentary accommodation to my new journey all in appropriate timing. Which is fun because I get to hit the refresh button where my past remains a mystery to the new people I will meet in the nations lovely capital of Washington D.C. Off I’ll go and become one of several ambitious young professionals looking to start their careers in a fast paced environment where politics and international relations headline the show on a daily basis. However, I look forward to do my own thing my own way and probably make several mistakes along the way. But hey, what’s a journey without some bump n’ grind, right?

So really, why D.C.? A very simple yet grandiose reason, school and work. Simple in a sense I will be broke AF starting out and grand as in the education and opportunities I seek are heavily attainable in a place that isn’t even a state. If you are a casual Facebook newsfeed reader like myself, I’m sure you can relate to constantly viewing big changes happening in people’s lives. Such as engagements, babies born left and right, new jobs, health improvements, and so on and so forth. Its truly refreshing to see people I know making significant changes in their lives with the people they love, but again if you you’re like me, every now and then you vomit a little. Honestly, if that makes me a narcissist or a modern day hater so be it, but when you’re single and the majority around you is announcing this and that with a significant other, I just say to myself “bruh, another one…” and hit the like button for common courtesy. Don’t get me wrong, the companion thing is awesome (so I hear),  and I applaud all you lovers out there, (most esp. my annoying ass loving parents in the picture above) but being a part of the single club is just as awesome too. So bare with me for a brief moment while I brag, I mean explain why.

First and foremost, I’m 24 in the year 2016 and that itself is something to be ecstatic about. This month I am moving to the other side of the country and only God knows what mess my crazy self will get into. But literally, only He knows. Typically I despise ambiguous situations because my anxiety levels increase tremendously. In other words, call me your 1st class worrier. Quick bible lesson: Jesus says don’t worry about a thang (Matthew 6:25-34). But once again, if you’re like me, a sinner yet a believer you worry. You worry by yourself because you have no one to worry with. So it becomes a very bad habit. But here is where I can tell you that turning that bad habit into a good one is truly achievable.

It seems as if I spent a good chunk of my adult life thus far thinking when am I gonna get my cake and eat it too? Why should I? I don’t deserve it, yet I want it. Let me just say its the human in me and leave it at that. However, even though I know I don’t deserve, I know He is gonna deliver blessings upon blessings and as a human I must do all I can to improve myself and live a life where I strive to be great and do great. Even if I am doing it alone.

So if you’re like me, and entered 2016 single AF, I encourage you to be excited and forget about the worrying nonsense. It will only hold you back from doing things you think are impossible because not all your ducks are in a row. Or you don’t have your ideal queen or king standing by your side. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are starting the year off alone or with a special someone, what really matters is that another year is here and opportunity for greatness is lying ahead.

Side note: It is also very  helpful if you have parents, like mine, who chose not to acknowledge the apparent absence of love/relationships in your life. My condolences if you don’t…

So in the words of Foster The People, Call It What You Want but it is definitely a new year and a new me and I am definitely going in single AF.

More to come…

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