I Won’t Waste Your Time Because You Won’t Be Wasting Mine

“Alice, you need to get your priorities straight and get started on your career and focus on getting back into school.You have time but not a lot.” – Words from an African father

A very small excerpt of a parent from a foreign country. Better known as my beloved father Mr. Oseni. Call me a spoiled brat, but my Daddy loves me. He loves me so much sometimes I cannot stand him. He loves me in a way that some people unfortunately don’t get to experience what its like to have a father who constantly checks up on you, asks you to give him reports of your progress, calls you into his office to present your reports with feedback that makes you wonder if you were even awake when you prepared this so called report. My Daddy’s love is so real I sometimes have standing ovations for him in my dreams due to his unique parenting. In all seriousness, I can honestly say my future success will have a significant amount of accreditation to him.

An Ultimate Life Lesson From Mr. Oseni: Time is of essence so act accordingly.

It has taken 24 rocky years to finally start putting together the pieces of an already laid out puzzle my father has been patiently showing me time after time after time. But did I listen? Hell no. Should I have listened? Well that question is for the birds, but considerably worth pondering about. Honestly, I’m not really sure how much different things would be if I just took the puzzle for what it was but that is no longer a concern of mine. Only because I’ve stumbled upon a new puzzle (currently/forever under construction), my puzzle to be exact.

As a young beautiful black bodacious woman stepping out into the world, I must admit my time is like a massive fire slowly burning that will eventually be put out. At first glance, that may sound like a very cynical statement but its the reality. Recently, I have started to realize my self-worth and began to respect myself on an entirely different level. I have basically cleaned out the closet and rehired myself for an extreme makeover; and lets just say it came at a price. I had to get rid of what represented the inefficient me. Which included the following:


  • Making Excuses/Negative Mindset: Instead of focusing on what I can’t do I’m focusing on what I can do, and surely the rest will fall right into place. Refer to my last post for explicit detail.
  • Unnecessary Binge Watching: Don’t get me wrong, ‘Netflix & Chill’ will always be a part of my lifestyle just minimized tremendously. So instead I read, I write, I talk to my parents, I visit with my grandmother, I ask questions, I reach out to those who I desire to learn from. I am reforming the way I choose to stimulate my mind.
  • THOT (That Hoe Over There) Clothes: Now I’m referring to it all. Booty shorts/crop tops to the cute/somewhat decent yet casual for comfort look is definitely played out. Word from a wise friend “If you haven’t worn something in the past 6 months toss it.” 
  • Going Out Less And Playing More: I’m always down for some winning and dining, but it only brings temporary pleasure. Sacrificing the typical 20’s lifestyle ain’t easy but its worth every penny. Now, I invest more in myself and things that will advance me in the eyes of God, my family, and friends. I yearn to live with excitement and stay consistent with taking advantage of being human.
  • Lastly, F*ck Boys: I simply, absolutely, and without a single doubt do not have the time.

So what do I have time for then? I have time to grow, I have time to learn, I have time to love, I have time to live, and I surely have time to pray. I have time to do whatever I need to do so I can do whatever I want when I want. That being said, I also have time to continue to shut down whatever or whomever is attempting to prevent my time from being used efficiently. Granted there will always be something or someone attempting to put out my fire quicker than I’d like or even point out the missing pieces of my puzzle. However, acknowledging such would consequently be a waste of time and that is something I can no longer tolerate.

Moreover,  I would like to make clear that I do not view my time as more or less important than anyone else. I just happen to know what I want. So Mr. Oseni, thank you for teaching me a valuable life lesson and thank you in advance for my future success.


More to come…




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