Adulting Correctly

In Texas you’re considered an adult at the age of 17. Other places your 18th birthday confirms your “maturity” level has reached its minimum requirement for such a responsibility. Then there’s reality where being an adult requires growing some balls and true grit and God only knows what age that is for some people. Actually, being an adult has several complex intricacies and there is no one way of doing it. Currently I’m on flight 1460 headed toward DCA (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) to prepare for my big move and there is only 5 minutes till landing. Wait… we just landed. So basically my mission of becoming an adult has officially started.

Beginning tomorrow marks day 1 of 10 of my adulting correctly going into effect hard. Well more like adulting correctly the best way I know how. Prior to actually being on this flight I was everything but nervous and now I am all nerves. Why? Because being bold and ambitious is a costly and ambiguous situation to be in. Most might interpret that as being careless, foolish, naive, stupid even but whichever way you see it is based on whatever experience you’ve had. In this particular case I consider it what my crazy and colorful grandmother calls it,  “stepping out”. Stepping out of my comfort comfort zone to be exact. I have a plan with goals I want to achieve in a certain period of time. This plan is my way of going out and getting what I want and essentially what I need in order to be successful. Granted, nothing in life is ever a guarantee but fortunately enough for me that doesn’t dissuade me.

Consider me your 21st century experimental adult-er. Where most things I do are either non-traditional or a result of inspiration by a non-affiliated third party who holds similar experiences I desire to get insight on. At this phase of my adulthood I can honestly say the act of adulting is very much comparable to working with kids. You never know what you’re going to get. That is the fun part where each day brings on something completely different whether it is exhilarating or distressing. Or introduces me to people I never would have imagined making an acquaintance with. So far I have made adulting sound hopeful and exciting and  that’s because thus far it has been. I landed safely so there is joy in that. But more importantly, over the next week and a half I will experience adulting on a totally different level. So as I step out to do this thing, do me a favor and pray that I don’t trip. Much obliged.

There will definitely be more to come.



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