Slowly But Surely Making Storm Jonas My B*tch

Nine days I’ve been in the District of Columbia making moves that I presume will be beneficial to my promising future. Probably the longest, damnedest, coldest, and intriguing days I’ve ever had and I’m sure more will come as this 10 day visit turns into 11, 12, 13 or however long winter storm Jonas decides to showcase all up and down the east coast. But I ain’t trippin’ though.

Getting to know the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) has been quite the experience primarily because my head’s all over the place trying to get a feel for new people and surroundings. Due to a combination of smart and foolish choices, I can wholeheartedly say I think I’m gonna like it here. For instance, when I come across lovely people and exchange numbers on the metro because life is short and why the hell not. Then I find out their not as lovely.

So being punctual in your SMS responses before the receiving end interprets your silence as something else is a thing here. Got it. Then there are situations where I ended up marching along others to celebrate a true man who once had a dream about unity in neighborhoods where people from various backgrounds came together to laugh, play, chant, and sing in harmony. Even cooler, I attended a ‘Spit Dat’ event located near the Howard University main campus where several talented young female and male artists spoke and sang with raw eloquence about past loves, current loves, black people in today’s society, being biracial, and even how a fat girl can take your man. It got real real quick. Mostly, I was impressed and even a little envious of how courageous and honest these young people were in a room full of strangers expressing their deepest internal thoughts and selves. Always there was someone in the room who reciprocated and resonated with what he or she had to spit. It was great.


Then of course my encounters with foreign Lyft drivers providing me with expedient and economical transportation services to and from happy hour adventures has been pure entertainment. While they rant about their other businesses and blab pointless opinions about Justin Bieber’s new album my trip fare was increasing without me noticing. On a much cheaper note, the biggest part of my trip has been reconnecting with people I already know. Such as distant family, fellow UTSA alumni, friends from the golden college days, and other miscellaneous avenues. All have been wonderful and extravagant reunions I’ve had in a city I’ll soon be calling home.

Its all been so wonderful indeed. As this past week has clearly had a theme for being all over the place I must say I’ve been handling it pretty well while trying to stay within a budget. Actually that’s a lie. Staying within a budget is a joke if you broke. Not really, but really… Moving right along, over the past several days there has been one consistent outcome for each event. Despite my ambiguous situation, I’ve managed to complete each day realizing everything  is going to be alright. I’m well aware of the fact that worrying gets me nowhere but its inevitable if you’re a newbie in a city where everybody is just trying to make it. It just so happens that just being here in Washington D.C. has been the catalyst to my everyday success. Thus, reasons why I am wholeheartedly convinced my worrying days will soon be coming to an end.

So in the mean time, I am not going to let this snow blizzard affect my groove because you don’t get this sh*t in Texas. So I might as well enjoy and embrace God’s beauty.

More to come…


3 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely Making Storm Jonas My B*tch

  1. rasulmystory says:

    Queen Sade I really apologize for being so unlovely. You a beautiful mind and I’m happy God guided me to your blog. Hopefully you will forgive me for that text message.
    your d.c tourguide. Thanks for inspiring me to start writing on wordpress peace Sister

    Liked by 1 person

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