Let The Journey Begin: 3 Days & 7 States

Friday January 29, 2016

Finally today has arrived. The day I embark on new beginnings by “stepping out” and driving through four slave states, rest a day, then proceed to drive through three more before reaching my final destination of Washington D.C.. Essentially I will accumulate a 19 hours and 54 minute drive with the help of a very generous friend. As we attempt to conquer this day with all our strength, I am beyond confident that the struggle is about to get real.

So before I enlighten you on what I believe the next 3 days will look like, I would like to share what the past 48 hours have been like for myself, friends, and family. Thanks to storm Jonas, getting back to TX and spending ample time with all my loved ones was cut short. But its okay because ya girl is a rare TX breed and bound to be back one day. Last night my wonderful mother cooked my favorite meal, baked chicken and rice,for our entire immediate family and three really truly great friends. We talked, drank, ate, laughed, joked, and ended the evening with a mild car turn up one last time. I honestly felt like this was just another gathering at the Oseni palace for no reason and I would see my people the following weekend. My brain will probably hit me right as I walk into next week realizing that the people close to me will be either a phone call, Face Time, GroupMe, or text away. As to when my emotions will actually hit me full circle is a complete mystery but I’m sure it’ll happen right on time.

Several hours later…

As we approach the Georgia state line (the last slave state of the night) to arrive in Atlanta for a full day’s rest, my friend and I are cruising to Young Thug’s “Best Friend” in disbelief that we actually drove 11 hours. Driving is one hell of a chore and we are only a little over halfway done with our journey. Thank goodness we know fellow Texans in     A-Town. Over the next 24 hours we will be conservatively marking our territory as we engage in some hood rat things with our A-Town friends. As I fasten my seat belt much tighter, I start to loosen up my mind to focus and prepare on being in the moment for a great weekend ahead. So here we are ATL ready to mess you up!



Sunday January 31, 2016

Its Sunday morning and I am tired, and I mean I am tired AF. Thankfully and very gratefully the Lord has placed a strong black man as a true friend in my life who will take the first leg of this nine hour drive. WON’T HE DO IT! From Georgia to North Carolina, North Carolina to Virginia, and lastly Virginia to Washington D.C., we are going to jam our way through this. There is so much driving ahead yet very little time in between my driving buddy and I parting ways tomorrow and soon things will start to become surreal. But we are both still here, so having a damn good time in this car is inevitable. As we leave Atlanta with very minimal sleep, the time has now come to embark on our final stretch. Full accreditation may be awarded to Atlanta’s lively scene and I’m not complaining by any means. All I know is if I ever want to be young, wild, and free again ATL is the place to be. Sp thank you Mr. Mayberry for your very southern hospitality!

FullSizeRender (1)

Several hours later…

I must say this second half of driving was much less excruciating than the first. But hallelujah, and praise the Lord we made it safely. As a side note and interesting fact, I realized that driving my black element in the state of Texas will never happen again. Nor will I be ever be making a move like this ever again (driving nearly 1400 miles w/my life in the back seat). This was truly a fun and painful three straight days. Thankfully and yet again, we know a fellow Texan in the district allowing us to get a full night’s rest before we start marking our territory around the nation’s capital prior to my driving buddies departure back to good ole Texas. So thank you Ms. Hawkins for all your generous accommodations!


Evening of Monday February 1, 2016/ Tuesday February 2, 2016

A big part of my journey has a lot do with the endless love and support I have been receiving from kind friends and family. Frankly, without their assistance the likeliness of making such a move wouldn’t have even existed.To be completely honest, I would probably be homeless if it was not for a friend. Not really, but that’s how I feel right about now. I must give credit where credit is due. My friends and family play a significant role in my life and I pray to God they may continue to do so positively. I am blessed to know I have people rooting for me to succeed in my new endeavors and it is a comforting feeling to have a support system all over the map. As I anxiously and boldly expose myself to a new way of life, I must remember I have way too many people holding me down to not succeed. So all the bumps and bruises coming my way, I welcome you to confront me face to face because I’m here, I’m ready, and I’ll be here for quite sometime. Lastly, thank you Mr. Agbatekwe for graciously accompanying me on the beginning stages of my new life!

More to come…


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