Know Your Sh*t Before You Talk Sh*t

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As a disclaimer and common courtesy, this post will include some mild to heavy political talk to reiterate the meaning behind this title. If that already turns you off, feel free to close the tab. You already so graciously contributed to my daily views and stats anyway.

For what its worth, I must say that I take a significant amount of pride to not only be living in but actually being apart of a generation that is daring in the way they choose to speak and take action. However, sometimes we, the millennials, have tendency to act a damn fool or look a hot mess and need to have several seats and simmer. But in our defense, such moments usually come from a place of good intent where our emotions drives us further than we anticipated. It sometimes turns out okay and sometimes it doesn’t look so great. But we are all victims of acting a damn fool, including myself, and it just so happens that politics is the most popular and recent situation where people (not just millennials) take this on.

If you’re like me, a #YOTC (young and open to change), you probably developed a slight interest in politics 8 years ago when you got word that the chances of these United States electing a president with more than a quarter black in him was possible. Back then, I was a senior at Euless Trinity High School and all I knew was George W. Bush had been my president since I was 9, the economy was trash, and college was around the corner. However, when Barack Obama won, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when it was announced on television networks everywhere. Now I can go into detail about all the positive/negative emotions, triumphs, conversations, and ignorance I went through that week but instead I’m going to fast forward 4 years later.

So again, if you’re like me, a #YBE (young, black, and educated), you probably had a sudden urge to BE black and DO right ALL the time when President Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. Again, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing as a fourth year college student at The University of Texas at San Antonio (*beep beep*). At that time, the emotions and conversations I engaged in during that week were quite different from the ones I experienced in high school. It was probably one of the coolest feelings ever because our generation was being targeted as the people that mattered. Millennials being defined as the future and just being able to vote was in many ways uplifting and also rewarding. Even then, I can’t honestly say I was fully knowledgeable of that election but regardless I had my opinions.

So here we are again, 4 more years later in another election year and if you’re like me, a #YBO (young, bold, and optimistic), then you probably care and pay way more attention to things that have potential to affect your life positively and/or negatively. I find it fascinating what a little time can do for the developing mind of a person. For myself, I can say that time has played a big part in my ability to appropriately approach sensitive matters and to speak rationally on subjects I may or may not know about. More importantly, throughout time I have learned to be patient especially when it comes to interacting with individuals who speak on what they clearly don’t know. For some reason, I’ve been victim to these situations now more than ever especially on the topic of election 2016. Granted, this year’s candidates give rise to my generation’s emotions tremendously and I don’t blame them. My only concern is when I listen to a conversation where individuals talk about reasons why Donald Trump should or should not be president when all they know about him is that he is a venture capitalist with no filter. Or even better, I hear comments about former Senator Hillary Clinton isn’t such a bad choice because her husband will most likely run the White House and he did alright so that should be okay. Then there’s my personal favorite, America isn’t ready for another black president (Ben Carson) yet alone a minority (Marco Rubio). Then there’s always more outlandish statements that follow, but who’s counting right? Nowadays we have a lazy tendency to take some things people say literally for what they are and that isn’t always necessary. But unfortunately, that is just the way things are and how most people choose to go about it. And let me be the first to tell you, doing the complete opposite is usually the way to go!

So if you happen to be like me, a #YSSM (young and short-spanded mind), you probably get 80% of your news from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other source that has a large social networking base. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as people make further effort to find a source that will provide detailed information longer than 250 characters. It would behoove us all to start such habits because our future selves depend on it. Just because I think its so important, I’ll help you get started with a cheat sheet on all the electoral candidates that might help you grasp a better understanding why or why not he/she is a good fit for presidency based on your values. As a very friendly reminder, the 2016 election is just a prime example of people not knowing their sh*t these days. If you happen to need a more controversial and public example of people not knowing their sh*t, just google “Stacey Dash critics”.

More likely than not, I will remember where I will be and what I will be doing regardless of which candidate wins the 2016 election because I want to be aware of what is going on in the country I reside in. Overall my point is, if we are ever having a conversation and you have very little to no knowledge about said topic, do not be a fool and attempt to be a worldwide ambassador for it. For I will not hesitate to side-eye you with a complimentary stale face hinting that you are clearly out of your damn mind. I’d appreciate if you’d do the same for me as well.

More to come…


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