72 Hours

In the 29 days of February I have inadvertently developed a new perspective on the concept of time. There is a lot of it and then there isn’t; a lot can happen in a short period or a lot of nothing will happen over what seems to be a long period. Essentially its all the same sh*t, just a matter of what the circumstances are and the perception that follows.

Mind you, this claimed new perspective is coming from an entirely subjective point of view on how time has affected me. So steer clear of high high hopes in the objective realm. Though, at times there may be a slight chance you might resonate with my recent events, but don’t count on it. So getting right to it… most people in my generation recognize that life is life and sh*t doesn’t always turn out the way you plan, but when it does you take shots. As a proud member of the millennial squad, I firmly believe we have the strongest mental health of all generations thus far but have the most f*cked up ways of showing it. Why? Because we don’t want to wait for anything. We act immediately instead of engaging in rational thought or conversation, we usually are aware or have an idea what the consequences might be if we choose to ignore red flags, and we talk about working out but eat and drink like pigs. Even though we have a peculiar way of doing things, nobody has passion like us and nobody can pick up and move on to the next like us. I say all that to emphasize that any day we’re alive is a great day. Why? Because we are labeled as the group doing things without having a damn clue, yet we are fully capable of completing successful tasks and/or achieving goals in record time. Bottom line, we just make life interesting no matter the place or time of day. I’ll just say I love my generation and leave it at that for now.

At 24 I am well aware of my priorities but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am any good at prioritizing. I’m more so in between finding that balance of acknowledging its importance and practicing it on a daily basis. However, I’ve developed a recent trend where my thoughts and actions simultaneously work together after 3 full days following any event. Which indirectly effects my ability and somewhat desire to prioritize efficiently. So for instance, I admittedly fell victim to joining the very trendy location-based dating and social discovery application known as Tinder for a minute. Literally a minute. Just so you know, I am strongly against online dating for people my age because it contributes to a lack of genuine healthy connection in today’s society. Meaning we don’t know how to put our phones down for anything and putting “dating” conveniently on a phone screen is detrimental regarding our basic communication skills. So I’ve lost most faith in the casual Harry talking to Sally at a local diner incidentally getting to know one another eventually becoming much more. Or Julian passing no judgments on Candace because her night time job isn’t ideal for the woman you bring home to your mother. However, you respect, acknowledge, and consequently are attracted to her hustle on just trying to make it.

Shortly after becoming a member I quickly realized that being on Tinder is equivalent to meeting and playing games with a f*ck boy at a bar. Admittedly, I will say Tinder is very flattering which makes it fun and exciting. Especially when you get ‘super liked’ or  you swipe right on a person you think won’t swipe on you and all of a sudden you’re a match. That sh*t will make you feel some type of way and build some pathetic confidence within seconds. However, in my brief experience usually nothing became of it and boredom was a result of such. Granted, Tinder is used for casual dating and among other things if you know what I mean… So after 3 days I shamefully embraced my experience not only as an official Tinder user but a hypocrite. I say hypocrite because I tend to throw frequent shade at people I know who use the app frequently. I apologize.

In more recent events, I went through hell and back trying to find housing in less than a week in this fast paced city. Initially, I met someone who was offering a perfect housing situation that literally seemed too good to be true. I was sold on it immediately and made plans to move in the following day. Unfortunately, I was oblivious to the fact that what seems too good to be true usually is too good to be true. Per usual, life got messy and that situation was the epitome of messy. Knowing myself, I didn’t want to let go and tried to negotiate for an entire day but the the next day I had to let go and just let God on that one. If you’re like me, the feeling of having little to no control is the absolute worst . Its a constant struggle.

In essence, I have unintentionally found that letting a little bit of time go a long way will work wonders on how I choose to approach things. Whether it goes the way I initially planned or not, being content is typically the result and I can’t be mad at that. I am certain plenty more situations will arise where I’ll be practicing my new methodology of 3 days because so far its getting me to act and do right quite often. So that’s cause for celebration most days. I just happen to be an individual who frequently gets anxious, irritated because I’m impatient, or any other description that involves a person losing their mind because they want to control certain things in a certain period of time. It just so happens that letting 72 hours take place prior to making any firm decisions has led to the most efficient outcomes. So without further adieu, aiming to make 72 hours a habitual practice to increase my chances of taking celebratory shots when well deserved is definitely okay with me.

More to come…


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