Taking My A** Back To Texas

Its pretty interesting how a majority of a person’s thoughts can be dedicated to thinking about something or someone you truly believe will make your life better or more substantial. Focusing on what isn’t happening or who isn’t staying in our lives is a common glitch I’m sure many people experience time and time again. In my particular situation, I spent an entire year and some odd months thinking that moving out of Texas would change my life for the better. And here are a few reasons why…
Consider me your stereotypical proud Texan girl who won’t let you forget it. I love Texas for what it is and for what it was trying to be under the governing of former governor Rick Perry. However, Texas was my comfort zone and if I was ever going to grow the hell up and have any type of real challenge in my life, I needed to cut the umbilical cord and literally break away.


Again, I am a born and raised proud Texan and sometimes that can get in the way of believing there’s much more to life than that. Half of me is actually being facetious and the other half is actually serious but lately I’ve been experiencing the latter. For reasons being, in my current residence of Washington D.C., it is heavily saturated with diversity and when people tell me where their from with pride, it only inclines me to respond with…


Wow, you drove all the way from Cali? Why? God FORBID! 

Oh, I didn’t know there were black people in Wisconsin.

Oh Jersey, that’s like going from Dallas to Austin! Wait… you wouldn’t know that cause you ain’t from Texas. Sorry.

Essentially I’ve come to mistaken my so called proudness for rudeness. Luckily for me, most people I’ve met have similar personalities to mine if not forgiving ones.


Sometimes I feel the phrase “finding yourself” is very cliche especially when someone else claims that that is what you’re currently going through but yet they have no indication of what it is that you are actually going through. In a way, that is what I’ve been doing while enjoying and embracing every moment of “finding myself”. Although, it’s been a pretty damn expensive adventure and I’ll admit there is still a lot more discovering to do. 

Not intentionally, the three reasons listed above all coincide particularly because each is an aspect of me going outside the realm of what I consider home. Each with its own challenges and triumphs that move at a much faster pace than I am use to which is why it’s time for me to come home. Yes, I am coming home only for a period of time. I am not returning because I am home sick but because working in education allows you that summertime luxury off. So for that I am grateful. In addition to that, coming home is going to revive the reasons I left in the first place. For the past five months I consider myself living a life that encompasses characteristics of a successful young person living life to the fullest. So what exactly might that entail? Under the description of your average millennial, one might say meeting new people, a steady job, rooftop parties, getting fit, dating, FOOD, more rooftop parties, and just city living. In my opinion, that is the stereotypical version of living life to the fullest and so be it, but there is so much more to it than that. I’ve learned that living in a new area is nonetheless exhilarating but that doesn’t change the fact that everything I was facing at home disappears or just magically gets better. It just means I’ll be doing the exact same thing in a new environment where I’ll meet new people. That’s it. I have the opportunity to approach what I’ve always wanted differently than I normally would have in the comfort of my own home.The only difference is I am choosing to act on everything I do on my own terms rather than feeling like I need to due to someone else’s input or comparing myself to other’s experiences. I’m making and embracing my own experiences and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it!

I think it is very accurate when people say you learn a lot about yourself when dating. Specifically regarding what you like and dislike about someone and that is precisely what I’ve been doing with myself. I’ve been dating the new and adventurous me. So far it’s been great but I know I need to slow it down if I want to make it out here. As fun as it’s been, there are specific reasons as to why I moved away from the greatest state in the nation and that is of the utmost importance. It’s fairly easy and great to get caught up in excitement and not wanting it stop, however it’s even greater to keep your eye on the prize by staying focused and remembering the reasons why you took a leap of faith to begin with; and for me that is coming home to Texas. So this girl is bringing her talents and wild style back to the lone star state for a little while and if you’re out here somewhere during these times, let a girl know.

  • Marble Falls, TX June 26 – July 16 
  • Austin, TX July 16 – July 18
  • DFW July 18 – July 20

More to come…


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